Chavadi Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, Bannerghatta Road

It is said that there is no sincerer love than the love of food. Well, most of the people agree to it, at least after visiting Chavadi - a spectacular Rooftop Restaurant and Bar, for it not only offers sumptuous food that oozes delight in every bite but also the ambiance that soothes your soul. It is here that a host of mouth-watering culinary delights find common ground, and a full-fledged bar that pours an enticing and ever-changing array of cocktails and mocktails for drink connoisseurs.

Richly embellished and strategically laid with various types of setups, this multi-cuisine restaurant has a lower level and an upper level seating with the lower level spread out around a central bar and a bookshelf on one corner, while the upper level is much more informal and caters to gatherings or groups of people looking to have a small space to unwind amidst soulful music. Chavadi is beautiful by day, but especially alluring at night with a blend of open and covered rooftop and the well-stacked bar will just add wings to your eve with romantic ambiance.

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