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We have been in hospitality for more than 30 years. What started as a refreshments outlet in 1977 is today known as Ramprasad Group of Hotels. Our main restaurant on Brigade road still attracts patrons who have grown with us both in age and relationship. It is with this vital expression of our guests' confidence coupled with our drive for customer delight that we proudly bring to you Hotel Arama Suites.
Hotel Arama Suites Bangalore Hotel Arama Suites Bangalore
Hotel Arama Suites Bangalore Aura Suite at Hotel Arama Suites Bangalore
Arama is the Kannada expression for comfort. It's a state of mind where peace does not have to be sought after and the body is relieved from all elements of stress. With this in mind we have built 29 top of the line suites on a total built up area of over 24,000 sq ft. Strategically located off Bannergatta road and overlooking the green campus of IIM Bangalore, Hotel Arama Suites provide an enchanting and serene environment which ensures the discerning business traveller a truly memorable experience.
The suites are broadly classified into four categories based on the classical elements that prevail in each. Azure, Aura, Aqua and Terra Suites are designed to comfort clients with diverse tastes and preferences. Besides plush accommodation, HotelĀ Arama Suites is designed to provide you with an exemplary product-service combination. The terrace restaurant Ember is where splendid ambience, exceptional service, and a mouth-watering range of culinary delights find common ground.
Our services are tailored to meet your individual requirements so that you can focus on work without being distracted by mundane errands. On weekends allow the concierge desk to book tickets for you and a friend at a cinema hall or a play at Rangashankara. The concierge is also happy to assist with the local conveyance.

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